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It's not about the jewlery, it's about the story


It’s not about the jewelry, it’s about the story…


All our jewelry is custom-made for you. 

Your gemstones are carefully chosen for the exact purpose you want to work on relative to your existence. 

Our slogan tells “It’s not about the jewelry, it’s about the story” and that is the unique La Llimona concept.

Through the process your spiritual jewelry is connected to the infinite energy which is constantly floating from the Universe.

To secure that your jewelry get the maximum energy to support your individual work your jewelry will be placed in our Existence Compass by Spiritual Interfacer Helle Mirsbach.


The name “La Llimona” has its origin in Catalonia and means “Lemon” in Catalan. 

The lemon has always had a religious significance in several religions – especially in the Jewish faith – but also in art, the lemon is often used as a symbol by e.g.the Danish painter Michael Kvium and not least the surrealist Catalan artist Salvador Dali.

The two most obvious questions about the logo are, of course, why is the stylized lemon and Horus’ eye put together into one.

The overall explanation for the two is that they are both a symbol of the pineal gland.

In many drawings of the brain, the pineal gland often looks like a small lemon.

According to the French-born philosopher, mathematician, and scientist René Descartes the pineal gland is said to be the “principal seat of the soul”. 

Descartes believed the gland to be the point where we are in contact with something greater than ourselves and the place where our thoughts “arrive”. 

 In many new age spiritual sciences, the gland is actually the physical expression of the third eye and it has therefore been natural for us to choose both the lemon and Horus’ eye as part of the logo.


We know that quality is the essence of having satisfied customers. That’s why all our gemstones are real gemstones. 

As our jewelries are not only a physical object but equally a spiritual experience we will provide you with information telling you what beads are used for your individual piece.

On our website you can read the meaning and force of the gems.

Likewise you will be informed of the date and time when your jewelry will be placed in The Existence Compass so you will have the opportunity to meditate while your piece is getting energized.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything at all please feel free to write to us by clicking here.

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