Existence bracelet
Do you need a reminder that everything should go well in your daily life? Do you need a helping hand for love, work, self-confidence or something completely different? On this page you can order an Existence Bracelet made specifically for you or your loved ones (in which case fill in the field "Alternative recipient") which you want to have something more than just a bracelet. The existence band is produced personally for the recipient and with the help of your “focus area” specific stones are selected to help you on your way in your search. When the bracelet is finished, it will be placed in the Existence Compass (Read more here). Before the Existence Band is placed in the compass, you will receive a date and a time period, and if you have the opportunity, you can connect to your bracelet in the specific time period and get the healing that goes with it. When everything is finished, send your Existence Tape and a short description of which stones have been used resp. in the Existence Band as well as in the Existence Compass. THE PRICE IS DKK. 550, - PR. BRACELET EXCL. POSTAGE (KR. 38, -) NOTE! All Existence bracelets are unique. The pictures above show some of the many different variations your band can have… ”

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