The very special thing about a piece of La Llimona jewelry is that it has been charged with universal energy in our Existence Compass.

Our Existence Compass is based on ancient Native American philosophy and has roots in traditions of the ancient Shamans and Druids as well. All these cultures have used stone circles which have often been called medicine wheels.

We have chosen to call our stone circle an Existence Compass, because our way of using it has proven to be a strong tool in finding the blockages that prevent you from moving forward in your spiritual development, as well as in your life.

What is just as important as finding the blockages is that the Existence Compass also strengthens the areas that are needed to be able to develop.

Precisely strengthening these areas is what we use in our Jewelry by charging them in the Existence Compass.

At a time, we have agreed with you, the Jewelry will be placed on the spot in the compass which represents the abilities you need to get strengthened. Then you have the opportunity to meditate and connect to the compass while the Jewelry is getting charged.

When you get your La Llimona Jewelry, it is far more than just a piece of Jewelry. Of course, we hope you think your Jewelry is beautiful but even more we hope you will feel the energy that will strengthen you in the things you deal with.

There are no rules or restrictions on what aspects of your life – your existence – that you can deal with in the Existence Compass.

We work with the Existence Compass on many different levels, from healing your physical body to processing blockages and traumas – also from past lives – issues that prevent you from moving forward in your development.

These may be issues you are well aware of or have previously been made aware of – but it may also be things you have not yet become aware of but which you will notice change when you strengthen this particular area.

The Existence Compass consists of 21 stones – or rather 20 stones and the figure we have chosen to name the 21st stone.

Each stone can have several meanings as well as areas – zones – in the Existence Compass also may have several meanings depending on the level we are working on.

Our Existence Compass is laid out so that the 4 main stones are directed to the 4 geographical corners of the world.

The general words given to the main stones are the seasons, colors, animals, and topics such as clairvoyance, courage and strength or choice and deselection, as well as birth and rebirth.

Among others, the Existence Compass has fields that deal with masculine and feminine DNA, action, creativity and zones that deal with the physical body, the senses – both the physical and the spiritual, just as there are stones that represent our chakras and our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

In addition, we also work on a level where part of the Compass is about the past while another part is about the future, and it is also split into zones for Yin and Yang.

The combinations are endless and therefore you will be able to be strengthened no matter what your starting point and issue is.